Guest Speaking On Coast to Coast Radio

Mike Sears, Director of VSPR will be on Coast to Coast AM with host Connie Willis this Saturday night! June 4th/5th

Mike will be the 2nd guest on from 2am -4am central time.
Connie has been on Coast to Coast AM over 7 years and is a professional broadcaster of 20 years on networks such as DISNEY, OXYGEN NETWORK, ESPN, SPEED, QVC, HSN and more.
Check out her latest Project taking you to CREEPY HOTSPOTS with REAL investigations of BIGFOOT, STRANGE LIGHTS and HAUNTINGS live virtually! Mike will be on her show in the coming months on Far Out Thursday, and have already appeared on her CREPPY HOTSPOTS at the Paranormal Palace, that was in Thompson Station.TN .
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Link below for more information on where and how to listen to the show.

UFO & Paranormal Phenomena | Coast to Coast AM


  1. Dalton Meaux June 5, 2022 1:11 pm Reply

    I want to know who the guest speaker was who talked to Connie Willis about his father who die then returned later that night to talk to him and his mother. Thanks…….

    • admin June 6, 2022 2:17 am Reply

      Hi Dalton
      That would be Mike Sears, He is the director and founder of Volunteer State Paranormal Research. Thank you for tuning into the show.

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