Nashville News Channel 2 ABC-Mike interviewed- Ghost of the Halbrook.

Channel 2 News-Bret Remenda interviewing Mike Sears

Channel 2 News-Bret Remenda interviewing Mike Sears


Mike was interviewed  back in 2016 for the first airing of this story. Channel 2 reaired it this year (2018) for Halloween. The story is part of several locations of  haunted locations of Middle Tennessee. Mike was interviewed to share his experiences that happened at the Clement Railroad museum; when he was a docent and curator at the museum.

The Halbrook Hotel is located down town Dickson,Tennessee.

The hotel was built in 1912 and opened in 1913. Mainly the hotel  was used by traveling salesmen(  that were called Drummers)  and railroad workers.  The hotel over the years  later became a restaurant, barber shop, telegraph office, legal offices, Farm Bureau, a private residence and a museum.

Click on the hyper link to see the article and video of the news story done by Bret Remanda for Channel 2 News ABC.

Click here —>Channel 2 News Story

Photos of the Clement Railroad Museum/Halbrook Hotel.

click on photos to enlarge and read the write ups about each photo.

Click on the link below for information about the museum.

Link for Clement Railroad Museum



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