Tennessee Haunts and Legends Expo -Guest Speaking

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Oct 21 2023

VSPR will be at the Tennessee Haunts and Legends Expo . Mike Sears the Director of VSPR will be guest speaking at the event and sharing some of his experience. VSPR will have a booth also at the event. Please come by to say hi and share your experiences with us.

Links for more information: 

Click here for main Event website —-> Tennessee Haunts and Legends Expo

Click here for Tennessee Haunts and Legends Facebook event page —> Facebook page Tennessee Haunts and Legends


Guest Speaking On Coast to Coast Radio

Mike Sears, Director of VSPR will be on Coast to Coast AM with host Connie Willis this Saturday night! June 4th/5th

Mike will be the 2nd guest on from 2am -4am central time.
Connie has been on Coast to Coast AM over 7 years and is a professional broadcaster of 20 years on networks such as DISNEY, OXYGEN NETWORK, ESPN, SPEED, QVC, HSN and more.
Check out her latest Project taking you to CREEPY HOTSPOTS with REAL investigations of BIGFOOT, STRANGE LIGHTS and HAUNTINGS live virtually! Mike will be on her show in the coming months on Far Out Thursday, and have already appeared on her CREPPY HOTSPOTS at the Paranormal Palace, that was in Thompson Station.TN .
Join BLUE ROCK TALK, her exclusive membership with huge discounts for Veterans, senior citizen and Coast fans here: https://www.ConnieWillis.com

Link below for more information on where and how to listen to the show.

UFO & Paranormal Phenomena | Coast to Coast AM

Victorian Séance and Paranormal Investigation October 24th 2020



 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Victorian Séance


Paranormal Investigation

   Victorian Séance and Paranormal Investigation at Playhouse 615 Theatre with Psychic Medium Suzie Kerr Wright, Mystic Jamie London and Mike Sears of Volunteer State Paranormal Research.
Enjoy traditional wassail and cakes as you’re invited to journey back in time to the days of Victorian Spiritualism and the quest for proof of life after death through seances, table tipping, and dowsing. Hear stories of the early Spiritualist mediums and psychics and experience what it’s like to sit in a séance in the late 1800′s.Psychic Medium Suzie Kerr Wright and Jamie London will then lead attendees through a séance and channel messages from your loved ones on the other side.

Mike Sears of VSPR will use his vast array of technology and years of experience as a paranormal researcher and investigator to confirm/validate the existence of the presence of spirit and to communicate with them through recordings, spirit boxes and photography.
Get into the “spirit” of the evening as you’d like. Dress code is casual, but Victorian costumes welcome!


$75 per person
*protective masks required
Click here to Purchase Tickets –> TICKETS


Event Address :
11920 Lebanon Rd, Mt Juliet, TN 37122-2521, United States

Video of part 1 of the ITC session using the Echovox app.

Unseen Paranormal podcast


Thank you to Eric Freeman Sims for having Mike Sears, the Director of VSPR as his guest on his podcast “Unseen Paranormal” on Sept 9th 2020. You can listen to the show on the link below. Mike talks about what inspired him to research the Paranormal and the Afterlife. He talks about experiences of investigations he has done at locations like; Octagon Hall, Rippavilla Plantation, Clement Railroad Museum, Charlotte jail house, Columbia High School and other locations.

Click here  to listen to the show –> Unseen Paranormal

Seance and Ghost Hunt -Oct 30th Event

Seance and Ghost Hunt

October 30th Wednesday, 2019 at 6:30pm- 9:30pm



Join Volunteer State Paranormal Research Group’s founder Mike Sears, Psychic Medium Suzie Wright and Mystic Jamie London for a seance and ghost hunt of an historical home in Nashville that is very haunted.

Psychic Medium Suzie Kerr Wright and Jamie London will lead the seance and channel messages from your loved ones on the other side as well as spirits in the home.

Mike Sears of VSPR will use his vast array of technology and years of experience as a paranormal researcher and investigator to confirm/validate the existence of the presence of spirit and to communicate with them through recordings, spirit boxes and photography.

Guests arrive at 6:30pm a meet and greet/Q & A with Mike, Suzie and Jamie, followed by the formal seance/ghost hunt.

Tickets on sale here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seance-and-ghost-hunt-tickets-74699358793

Includes light hors d’oeuvres and beverages, ghost hunting experience and seance.
Address provided upon ticket purchase as this is a private home.

For more info and updates on the event, You can also check on Facebook.



Basic EVP Recording Technique

Basic EVP Recording Technique

Article by Joyce Dierschke







What is EVP?

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are intelligible voices found in recording media that have no known physical explanation. Many of the voices are thought to originate from deceased people. This is the primary reason that people first began experimenting with EVP.

Characteristics of the Voices

The recorded voices may be very quiet and may be difficult to hear and understand. Most EVP experimenters say that they have developed an “ear” for the sounds after learning to distinguish them from background noise. In transform EVP, the voices can often be recognized as male or female, young or old. Messages are seldom longer than two to four words. The words may be spoken very quickly, and there is often a distinctive cadence to the voices. An analysis shows that they are simulations of voice made from whatever sound is supplied, and are often missing voice box frequencies and have oddly arranged formats.

Types of Recording

In controlled conditions recording, it is possible to control ambient noise and supply special forms of background noise. Auric energy is thought to accumulate in a “special” recording area, which is thought to help make contact. In field recording, it is difficult to control environmental conditions or supply background sound, but in known “haunted” locations, the energy helpful for contact may already be present.

EVP formed in an audio recorder by transforming available background sound is referred to as “transform EVP.” In this, it is sometimes possible to recognize the voice of the speaker. EVP Formed by sweeping a radio dial, or with a computer program such as EVPMaker, are referred to as “opportunistic EVP” because sounds for voice formation must be made available on an “as needed” basis. Radio sweep, and in some applications, EVPMaker, depend on the use of “live” voice. The AA-EVP will not use live voice examples for research because of the problem of undetected false positives. EVPMaker using synthesized voice is preferred for opportunistic EVP.

Environmentally stimulated speech synthesis is a relatively new and promising technique, but it should be noted that all speech synthesis approaches currently being tried do not support speaker recognition.

Recording Procedure

Recording Equipment—Digital voice recorders are recommended to transform EVP. Less expensive models produce more internal noise which is useful for voice formation. High-quality units will probably require added background noise. A computer can also be used, but will probably require added noise.

Scheduling—Entities will speak at any time of day or night. In the beginning, however, it is advisable to record at a regular time and place. By doing this, the entities learn when there will be an opportunity for contact and expectation of the upcoming session helps focus attention on the process. Try to find a place that will be quiet and free of interruptions. Background sounds are okay, but it is important to be aware of these so that they can be distinguished from the EVP. Tagging background noises during recording is best so you will know during data review.

Background Sound Source—Research has shown that for transform EVP, the entities use sounds in the environment to help form the words. Most recording situations have some background sounds, but it may be necessary to add noise with something like a fan or running water. Some people use foreign language radio, crowd babble or audio tapes, but the AA-EVP discourages the use of radio static or live voice of any form.

Preparation—Begin with meditation and a short prayer to ask for only those intending the highest good and an invitation to friends on the other side to participate. It is best to record when personal energy is the highest.

Recording—Vocalize your comments during an EVP session. The entities will often come through as soon as the recorder is turned on. These beginning messages may be the loudest, so it is a good idea to turn on the recorder and wait a few seconds before speaking. Questions should be recorded, and a period of time between each comment should be left for the entities to respond–about ten seconds. At the end, ask if the entity has something to say.

It may help to make an “appointment” with the intended entity the day before, during prayer or meditation. Some also provide feedback before the session so that the entities will know what worked in the last experiment. It is not necessary to record in the dark. People often try different devices and energy sources to help the entities communicate. Leaving written questions in the EVP experiment area the day before has worked for some.

Keep recording short. Recordings should be closely examined, at least until it is understood where to find the voices. A best practice for field recording is to use two recorders. As a rule, EVP will only occur on one recorder or soundtrack, making it possible to avoid mistaking local sounds for EVP (false positives).

Playback—In transform EVP, the voice is usually not heard until playback. Experimenters report that the voices tend to become stronger and clearer as the entities gain in experience, but at first, the voices may speak in whispers. Voices may not be recorded in every session and it may take several sessions to discover the first voice. Hearing the voices is a learned ability. It might take thirty minutes to examine a three or four-minute recording.

Classes of Voices—A Class A voice can be heard and understood over a speaker by most people. A Class B voice can be heard over a speaker, but not everyone will agree as to what is said. A Class C voice can only be heard with headphones and is difficult to understand. Class B or C voices may have one or two clearly understood words. Loud does not equal Class A.

Keeping a Log—Maintaining a record of recording results is very helpful. Include the date, time, seconds into the recording, the message itself and the question asked. Be sure to label and save the audio file so that they can be found at a later time. Experimenters report that they feel weather may affect results, but this has not been well studied. The aaevp.com site has geomagnetic and solar reports. There is also a link for moon phase information.

Digital Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders are recommended for EVP experiments. Today, all soundtracks—digital or analog—should be listened to on a computer and with a headset. Unlike tape recorders, the built-in microphone is usually satisfactory for EVP. There is a selection guide for audio recorders here. The section includes a setup guide for Audacity, which is an effective audio management program that can be downloaded at no cost. VSPR uses Audacity and Wavpad for sound editing.

Computer Recording

A computer instead of a digital recorder can be used for recording EVP. It should have an audio input jack, speakers, headphone jack and sound player application such as Audacity. Most experimenters use the computer to analyze and store examples. If the recorder does not have a USB interface, it is possible to play the recording into the computer while recording with a recorder program. The Earphone jack of the recorder can be connected to the Microphone or Line 1 jack via a cable. The sound source should be set to the correct jack via the pull-down menu in Audacity. Recording with a sample rate of 11025, mono and 16-bit resolution is sufficient for EVP. Files should be edited as *.wav format but shared as *.mp3.

Analyzing the Recording for EVP

Always use headphones when listening to the recording on a computer. The earmuff style that completely covers the ear is best, but also good are the soft rubber earbuds that are inserted in the channel of the ear.

Be sure to set up a method of saving your recordings in your computer that will allow you to easily locate examples. A good practice is to save the raw recording session in a dated folder and then also save clips containing the EVP in the same folder. Field recordings are saved under the name of the location and the date. It is helpful to keep a separate folder for your Class A examples for easy retrieval for demonstration to friends. The AA-EVP follows the labeling practice of: (c)lisa_butler2008-what_evp_says.mp3. The (c) symbol indicates the intention to protect rights to the example. Using first and last name helps sort many examples in the folder for easy retrieval. The underline and dash symbol with no use of capitals helps assure that computer systems and the Internet accept the name. A 200 kb audio file can be reduced to around 15 Kb when converted from a *.wav file to an *.mps file. This makes it easy for sharing files via the Internet.

In Closing

These guidelines represent the most common technique for recording transform EVP. EVP may occur in any technology that will record voice. With this in mind, it should be clear that there are no hard and fast rules. There is additional information at the http://aaevp.com, including membership information. The AA-EVP Idea Exchange (a benefit of AA-EVP membership) is excellent for asking questions and receiving help in analyzing examples.

AA-EVP is an association of people who are EVP and ITC experimenters and people who have an interest in this phenomenon. Membership helps fund efforts to bring information about EVP to the public. With the help of the public, the AA-EVP is also funding research via the Sarah Estep Research Fund, so please consider joining in this most important endeavor.

Source: American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena (n.d.). Basic EVP Recording Technique. Retrieved November 20, 2008, from

Script for Recording Electronic Voice Phenomena

Turn on the recorder.
My name is (provide your name).
Today is (provide day of week, date and time)
I/We am/are at (provide the name or location of investigation)
With me are (provide the names of all people with you)
Also make notes of any loud noises like ticking clocks, traffic outside the building,  body noises, etc. (This is often called “tagging”.)

The most important thing to remember is to make no unnecessary noise. This includes fidgeting, talking, etc., and especially DON”T WHISPER!! When listening to the playback, whispering is very easily mistaken for a spirit.  Better to speak loudly so everybody will know it is you, than to whisper and contaminate data.

Some Sample Questions – Remember to pause after each question to give the spirit time to communicate. 10-15 seconds is a good pause time limit. 

Is there anybody here who would like to
communicate with us today?
We would really like to hear what you have to say.
Would you like to talk to us?
Can you tell us your name please?
Are you male or female?
How old are you?
How are you feeling?
Are you sad or angry?
What is your favorite color?
Do you know what year it is?
If so, please tell me.
Why are you here?
Are you here all the time?
Are you alone?
How many of you are here?
Is there anyone else with you?
What are their names?
Are there children there?
Do you know who we are?
What is today’s date?
Are you a spirit?
Are you resting here?
Are you happy?
Do you know what happened to you?
Can you see us?
Do you know my name?
Would you like us to leave?
Is there any way we can help you?
Is someone keeping you here?
Are you afraid where you are?
Do you have anything to tell us?

Nashville News Channel 2 ABC-Mike interviewed- Ghost of the Halbrook.

Channel 2 News-Bret Remenda interviewing Mike Sears

Channel 2 News-Bret Remenda interviewing Mike Sears


Mike was interviewed  back in 2016 for the first airing of this story. Channel 2 reaired it this year (2018) for Halloween. The story is part of several locations of  haunted locations of Middle Tennessee. Mike was interviewed to share his experiences that happened at the Clement Railroad museum; when he was a docent and curator at the museum.

The Halbrook Hotel is located down town Dickson,Tennessee.

The hotel was built in 1912 and opened in 1913. Mainly the hotel  was used by traveling salesmen(  that were called Drummers)  and railroad workers.  The hotel over the years  later became a restaurant, barber shop, telegraph office, legal offices, Farm Bureau, a private residence and a museum.

Click on the hyper link to see the article and video of the news story done by Bret Remanda for Channel 2 News ABC.

Click here —>Channel 2 News Story

Photos of the Clement Railroad Museum/Halbrook Hotel.

click on photos to enlarge and read the write ups about each photo.

Click on the link below for information about the museum.

Link for Clement Railroad Museum



A Haunting in Tennessee

A Haunting in Tennessee
by Elizabeth Lunceford
(Co-Director of VSPR)
Beth Lunceford
      In 2006, my sister Bonnie passed away suddenly and I began researching the paranormal to help find answers to my questions about the afterlife. It’s been a journey that has raised even more questions than I’ve found answers for. Leading me to believe that the afterlife is a lot more complicated than we’ve ever suspected it was. In 2009, my mother passed away after a short battle with pneumonia and dementia. Leaving my father alone in the house where she died as his mental faculties also began failing him. I spent 4 years making the hour long commute to his home in Madison to visit and care for him, but eventually had to hire a live-in service to assist him as the strain of driving so far so often became too much. In March of 2013, he died in my arms on the back stairs of his home as I tried to get him to a doctor.
As the executrix of his estate, I began making weekly visits to the home after his death to check on it and help clear some of the belongings out of it so that the house could be eventually sold as his will required. It was during these visits there that I began to experience various paranormal events that seemed to be growing with strength and frequency, even following me home to my house an hour away.
The day my father passed, the live-in caregiver informed me that she believed there was something going on in the home but had been afraid of saying anything about it for fear of losing her job. She told me that at night, she had heard the sound of a woman weeping and screaming out from the living room area on several occasions. The living room had been converted into a bedroom for my mother in the last weeks of her life. The live-in caregiver did not know this. There was a video night-vision baby monitor in my father’s bedroom so that she could keep an eye on him at night. She told me she had seen my father reach out with his arm like he was hugging an invisible person in bed with him on more than one occasion just prior to his death. Was my mother still there in the house? Or was she hearing a residual haunting? Did my father see her before he died? Or was it just a hallucination from his dementia?
It was a week after my father’s death, the first time I tried to contact my parents in the house, I used a REM-Pod. I explained how to use it and asked them to make it go off for me. I filmed the session and ran a digital voice recorder at the same time to see if there were any EVPs. For 15 minutes there was no response. Just as I was about to give up, the REM pod blipped.
At first I thought maybe something like the heat turning on might have made it do so. I went back to talking to them and after a few more minutes I sneezed, the REM-Pod blipped again at the same time. I then thought, maybe my sneezing could have caused it, so I tried faking a sneeze or coughing on it, nothing happened. I went back to asking them more questions and encouraging them to talk to me. Then the REM-POD began to go off again, once, twice, three times and then to slowly build up to a continuous frantic beeping. I asked them repeatedly to stop so that I knew when they are trying to answer. It stopped. I asked if I was speaking to my dad. No reply. I asked if it was my mom, the REM-Pod beeped. I asked if dad was there with her, the REM-Pod beeped again. I carried on this conversation with my mother for over 5 minutes with the REM-Pod acting as a conduit for her. It was an amazing experience which I will NEVER forget.


[ Here is a video clip of one of the sessions of the Rem-pod in use communicating with Beth's dad.]
After my father’s ashes were laid to rest it got quiet in the house. Subsequent visits where I’d do a short 15 or 20 min session to communicate with them yielded no interaction. I thought after a while that maybe they had crossed over. For several months, I didn’t try again to speak to them there at the house. Then one night I had to be there after dark to coordinate the sale of my father’s car and it’s transport. The house took on a whole different feeling at night and though it was 85 degrees in the house (I was not running the AC) it suddenly felt extremely cold around me and all the hair on my body stood on end, like a huge static field just engulfed me. It was more than a little unnerving. I didn’t feel like this was either of my parents. It was someone or something else. Nervous, I got out my phone (I didn’t have any of my equipment with me then) and turned on a “ghost radar” app which I’d had interesting results with on previous occasions over the years at various locations. I asked “Who is here?”, it replied “SAM”. I asked “Sam, why are you here?” He replied “DANGER”. I asked “Sam, What am I in danger from?” He replied “Themselves”. At this point, I’m thinking, OMG, what’s here and what can it or they do? The house was vacant now, had a bunch of ghost-squatters moved in? I was glad to get out of there as soon as I’d concluded my business and definitely didn’t want to be there after dark by myself again.
About a month after this, I was in the garage working to discard 40 years worth of junk and sift through things looking for stuff that might sell or be worth keeping for nostalgia. After I finished filling the trash can, I took it up the driveway to the street. All the way there, this butterfly followed me, swooping around me and tracking me all the way to the street. Once there, it continued to circle me until I wondered if it wasn’t being controlled by my dad. I greeted him and told him I was sorry I had to throw out his things and that I understood it bothered him. I went back to the garage and as I was finishing up, the garage light turned on by it self. That following weekend, I was caught out one night in a terrible thunderstorm on a local highway late at night. I took shelter under an overpass while the rain and lightning crashed all around me. Cars pulled in behind me and out of nowhere, this butterfly just lands on my driver-side window right next to my face and I looked at it. It was identical to the one that had followed me before.
I just stared at it trying to understand why it was there at night in a torrential downpour on my car window. Was my dad there trying to protect me? It crawled up over the top of the car until I couldn’t see it anymore and I suspected it was sitting directly above me. At the time, a car in the right lane of the highway pulls to a stop IN THE TRAFFIC LANE about even with my rear tire. I am watching in my side view mirror in disbelief as they just remain there in the traffic lane. There are crazy people still trying to drive in this rain at full speed and I’m thinking, “OMG, I’m going to die!” It would be a miracle if someone didn’t slam into the back of that car and they both come careening into me. I’m terrified for about 5 minutes as cars fly by at 60 miles an hour in the left lane and others slow down and wait to go around the idiot in the right lane who is stopped dead.  After a while, the person in the right lane pulls away and the danger is past. I wonder how much of my safety was due to my father watching over me and how much was just dumb luck?
The next weekend, I take my husband and kids up to the house for him to go through my father’s tools to see if he wants any of them before the estate sale. The kids go into the house and sit down in the living room to play on their tablets. My husband and I began to sort through the tools. I pull over the trashcan and as I do so, I pass my father’s old wooden toolbox and wonder if I should keep it or try to sell it. I’d emptied it out already except for one drawer. It was closed up and it’s top was down. After we’d been going through things for about 30 mins, I needed to make a run over to the trashcan to dump the trash we’d accumulated in the sorting. I walked by the wood toolbox on my way to the can and all the time I could hear my husband tinkering in the toolbin nearby as he sorted things. When I finished dumping the trash, I turned back around to bring the empty box back to him and as I approached I stopped dead in my tracks and just went slack jawed.
There in front of me was the wooden toolbox with the top lifted up and the ONE drawer with items in it pulled so far out that it was ready to fall on the floor. I looked over to the other side of the garage at my husband who was apparently oblivious to everything and asked “um, hon did you do this?” he looks over at me and then to where I’m pointing at the toolbox and says “what?” I said “Did you open this and pull out this drawer”? He shakes his head and says “You must have done it”. I am like “NO WAY!” OMG!! I KNOW that I didn’t do that. I can’t believe my eyes really, I’m just stunned. At this same time, there is a huge thunderstorm building up and the sky is nearly ready to fall out on us. It’s getting really dark in the garage now so I say to my husband, I am going to turn on the light for us and go over to the steps to look for a switch. I see one on the garage door controller that is labeled “light” and raise my hand to press it. Before I can touch it though, the light turns on all by itself. I just freeze and look over to my husband who is not paying any attention at all and say “um, hon – I didn’t turn that light on, it came on by itself.” He looks at me and says, “right. it must be a short in the wiring or something”.
I’m thinking back now to the week before when it had happened? Was it a short in the wiring or was it my dad? I look back over to the old toolbox and I’m thinking it’s a little more than a coincidence.
I return to helping my husband and the storm breaks outside pretty badly. After 20 minutes or so it’s moved on and gotten quiet again. My kids come running out of the house into the garage shouting “Mom, Mom.. We heard someone scream! And then we heard what sounded like a cat meowing”. I look at them and remembered what the caregiver had told me about hearing a woman crying and screaming in the living room. I wonder if the thunderstorm had charged the air enough that a spirit could have been trying to interact? Had the storm released residual energy from that room somehow? Had the kids being there for the first time since my father passed away triggered something? Or was it just the removal of the tools he was so attached to? Whatever was it was, something paranormal seemed to be happening.  After I calmed the kids and tried to explain things away for them, we finished up our sorting and packed up the truck. In addition to the tools we also took some of my father’s square dancing equipment and records. I left two crates of tools and the old wooden toolbox (the haunted one) there for the night.
The following week, I returned to the house to load up the things we hadn’t gotten the last trip due to lack of room. As I got out of the car, a butterfly remarkably like the previous two, greeted me and began to fly around the car and myself. I laughed and told my father “hi dad, good to see you too”. I opened the garage up and popped the back of my trunk open and began to load the crates and the old tool box inside. When I looked up to close the trunk lid I stopped in surprise to find the SAME butterfly sitting on the lip of the trunk lid watching me. I smile at it and say “I love you too dad” and it flies off. I close the lid of the trunk and the garage light goes off. I smiled and thanked him for the help before closing the door to the garage.
The following week, my kids were out of camp and school hadn’t started again for the fall so I had to bring them along with me for my weekly trip to my dad’s house. It had been about 10 days since they had been there and heard the cat sound. This time, I figured I’d be prepared to catch it on audio if it happened a second time. The kids took their tablets into the living room as before and I set up two audio recorders on the table near them and turned them on. Being July, it was still very hot and I did not have the air conditioning running. Since I was also taking photos, I did not want to stir up a lot of dust by turning on ceiling fans. I was on my way into my father’s bedroom to pack up some things when I remember looking up at the ceiling fan in the dining room thinking “I wish I could turn that on, but I don’t want to disturb the dust”. I was in my father’s room for about 10 minutes and when I came back into the living room, the ceiling fan was going full blast. There is no wall switch for this fan and the pull string is only inches from the blades. Not even I could reach this. I asked my kids if they’d drug over a chair or something and turned it on, but they said no. I’d have heard them doing this if so.
Then I went out into the garage and began cleaning things out as usual for me.  After about an hour, they both come running out of the house yelling “Mom, Mom… something breathed in my ear and the rocking chair in grandma’s room was moving.. then we heard the cat thing meow again, three times!” I’m thinking, Oooookay. I tell them, not to be afraid. We’ll check the recorders later to see if they caught the sounds..
Later at home I reviewed the digital audio recording of the time the kids were in the living room. During the recording I discovered not only the cat-like phenomena but an additional 31 EVPS through-out the recording. Some of them were extremely clear, others were Class B and difficult to discern without sound manipulation to amplify, slow or otherwise clean the anomaly. At no time have I seen any cats at or around my father’s house. The anomalies recorded did have a cat-like sound to them, but sounded more like someone pretending to be a cat than an actual real cat. The phenomena also sounded like they emanated from within the room or adjoining rooms, not muffled like an outside sound would be. There were also no open windows. Since bringing the tools back to my house from my father’s place, I have also experienced the sound of a wrench hitting a concrete floor, disembodied footsteps, brushing against my legs from no discernable source, shadows in my periphery,  and many other inexplicable things. There may indeed be some form of object attachment going on here. 
After the estate sale had emptied out the house and it was completely devoid of all furniture and items, I cut my trips up there back to once every other week. I would make a trip up there for about an hour to check on the place, make sure it hadn’t been vandalized, that the yard had been mowed etc.. While there I would attempt communication with the spirits by running a digital voice recorder, a REM Pod, a SpiritBox and video. I did four small investigations with a group of friends and researchers over the next year while trying to find a buyer for the house. I documented over 200 class A EVPs, over 50 videos of visual anomalies, REM-Pod interaction and over a dozen spirit orbs. I eventually found a buyer for the house, did a house cleansing and blessing the day before the house closing. 
[Photo of Orb taken by Beth]
Father and His Spirit Orb (2)
[Orb photo captured when VSPR team investigated the home.  The VSPR team witnessed the Orb flying out of the closet; then leave the room. Mike took a digital photo with his SONY DSC-H50 digital camera. set in night vision as it was exiting towards the door.]
On the day of the house blessing I prayed for all the spirits there and said my goodbyes. I got an amazing photo of a spirit orb with the full image of my father’s face in it. Best spirit orb I have ever seen. He spoke into my recorder telling me he wanted to be allowed to remain in the house. Many other spirits were recorded that day saying either they were going home with me or weren’t able to leave. I don’t know if the new owners are still having any activity there, but hopefully everyone is happy there, both the living and the dead.


Beth (Audacity).wav 3 SECOND MARK

This is a disembodied voice I captured on the recorder I left running in the kitchen while I was outside sweeping the back patio. It captured my mother’s voice calling for me “Beth”. 

[Loud Thump in Kitchen only ]
Here is an audio clip of my visit on Easter 2014 when I went in and wished them a Happy Easter and they responded with a HUGE knock. The house was completely empty as you can hear by how it echoes.
[My father’s saying “Glad you’re back” to me upon arrival one visit as I unlocked the door]

If interested in more about Beth; she also shares her paranormal experiences and research on her personal website Music City Ghost.  MUSICCITYGHOSTS.COM

Paranormal Sideshow- John & Stacey Edwards

March 8th 2017

Mike the director of VSPR was asked to be a guest on the Paranormal Sideshow,hosted by John and Stacey Edwards.

John and Stacey had seen some of VSPR’s videos that were shared on Facebook of the ITC and EVP data from Mike’s house.  Mike’s home was extremely active during the year of 2016 and 2017.  Specially when Mike had bought a Halloween decoration and brought it into his house.  The spirits in the home were not pleased what was brought in.  Mike talked about the research and data that the VSPR team collected during this time period.

Mike -Always a pleasure talking with John and Stacey. They have a fun show that covers all kinds of topics on the supernatural and mysteries.

You can access the show by watching it on the Youtube video.

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Midnight in the Desert -Radio Show

November 23rd 2016 the director of VSPR-Mike Sears was a guest speaker on the Art Bell production radio show “Midnight in the Desert” Hosted by Heather Wade.

Mike shared his personal  experiences of the paranormal and the Afterlife with Heather and the listeners.  The show was so  well liked, the show was replayed on Dec 15th.

Click here to access –> ” Midnight in the Desert ” Website

Mike Sears- Thank you again Heather Wade and the staff  of Midnight in the Desert for having me as a guest. Heather was an amazing host. It was a honor and pleasure to be on the show sharing my personal experiences and being able to talk to the listeners who called in.