DIRECTOR/Lead Investigator

Mike Sears

Mike has had experiences of the paranormal most of his life. Starting at a very young age of 5 when he saw his first spirit/ghost of a little girl appearing in his bedroom when he lived in Upstate New York. Mike had other occurrences through his life that happened but nothing like the two he had in 1994 in Melbourne, Florida.

This event became a life changing experience for Mike and put him in the direction too seek out answers about the Afterlife. From those experiences they fueled his passion to learn more about the paranormal field.

In 2006 Mike joined a Paranormal Investigating Team in Middle Tennessee with his wife Monique. During that time he learned the various ways of investigating and to be able to help others understand what they might be experiencing. Mike has been Investigating the Paranormal since 2006 and has worked with various paranormal teams in the Middle Tennessee area. After working with the teams and learning various techniques investigating the Paranormal, Mike started his own team in the spring of 2009 known as Volunteer State Paranormal Research. During those years of paranormal investigating he has investigated throughout the state of Tennessee, Kentucky and parts of Alabama. Some well-known haunted places like Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky, Sloss Furnace, in Birmingham, Alabama, Octagon Hall, Franklin, KY, Rippavilla Plantation, Spring Hill, TN and Many other areas of Middle Tennessee.

He was nominated in 2009 By the International Paranormal Acknowledgement Awards for National Male Paranormal Investigator and best in Spirit Photography. Mike won for Best in Spirit Photography in 2009 by the International Paranormal Acknowledgement Awards. Mike has been a guest on various Paranormal Internet Radio shows, seen on the TV show ” America’s Most Terrifying Places “, on TRAVEL CHANNEL ,TV show “Tennessee Crossroads” on PBS in Tennessee ,that featured the VSPR team investigating the Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill, TN,was guest for CAFEMOM.COM magazine, has guest spoke at various events in Middle Tennessee, and has been published in 3 issues of VISIONS Magazine and also an issue of UN-X News about his paranormal experiences he had in 1994.

Besides the Paranormal Mike has served as a Police Officer in the US Air Force Security Police and is a Veteran of Desert Shield and Storm. In 2005 Mike moved to Middle Tennessee with his wife Monique and their 2 children from Florida.

Besides his passion for the paranormal Mike has returned to college and is majoring in teaching/early education; planning a new career in teaching or Historical Preservation. Mike volunteers as a living historian of the WWII time period,which he has done for almost 30+ years.

CO-DIRECTOR- Beth Lunceford







Beth believes that existence beyond the physical body is just another phase in the ongoing evolution of our souls and that belief motivates her daily mission towards the scientific understanding of dis-incarnate consciousness. Towards this end, she began working as a paranormal researcher in 2006. Her main expertise is in Electronic Voice Phenomena and Analysis, primarily with EchoVox and related applications. Beth is currently one of the main admins for the Echovox Users group on Facebook and conducts private research and experiments under the moniker Music City Ghosts. Beth is also a Registered Nurse with a background in computer technology. She is currently a stay-at-home mother of two teens. In what little spare time she has Beth enjoys paranormal research, reading, television and social networking.

Lead Investigator

Monique Sears

Monique became interested in the paranormal as a teenager, and even more so, in her twenties when her mother passed away.Monique joined a paranormal team in 2006 to learn about investigating and the paranormal. She has worked with other teams in the Middle Tennessee area as well to learn various ways of investigating. She strives to inform, help people, and collect true evidence of life after death. She has investigated in KY, TN, and AL, in both private and public locations. Monique is a Registered Nurse (RN).

Lead Investigator Becki Baumgartner

Becki has been interested in the paranormal all of her life. As a child she was noted for her very active imagination, intuition, and innate curiosity of all things natural and supernatural. Becki has two main goals which are being supported by her paranormal work. One goal is to validate those who personally experience the spirit world through the collection of solid, scientific data. The other goal is to find answers to the age old question “What meaning of life?” by learning more about those who have crossed over. Becki has a degree in Natural Health from Clayton College and will soon be studying Reiki at Healing Today. She currently writes for and her interests include paranormal research, psychic research, herbology, edible landscaping, wildcrafting, metaphysics, energy healing, body/mind/spirit integration, and long-distance running.
Investigator Joyce Dierschke
When I was a kid I used to talk to my house. Seriously, I felt that the walls did indeed have ears, but more than hearing me, they listened. We had some wallpaper in the hallway with birds on it. Those were my favorite walls to talk to. I felt very connected to my childhood home. As a child I never thought it was odd. As I grew up I looked back on those days and figured I was a little nuts back then. Now, after being a paranormal investigator for a couple of years and really delving into the topics of spirits, ghosts and spirituality as a whole, I think there may have been some sanity in talking to the walls.
Some people believe that everything is alive – even houses. Sure enough, if there are going to be spirits anywhere it will be in a house. Normally homes are where people feel safest. Home was always my refuge as a kid. At the first sign of trouble I was high-tailing it home. I would sit on the stairs and talk to the birds on the walls of the hallway. So a “haunted house” makes perfect sense to me. If I end up haunting anything, it will most likely be my childhood home.
I guess I always believed in spirits but I never really gave it a lot of thought. I didn’t run around with a digital recorder asking questions but I kind of wish I had! I was a “latch-key” kid – both parents worked, brothers and sisters grown and out of the house, so I was alone at home a lot. Yet I never felt alone. I felt like the house was happy I was there. Given my experiences now as a paranormal investigator I’ve come to realize that there was probably one or two friendly spirits in my house, listening as I talked to the birds. Maybe they were answering me too.
Why am I a paranormal investigator? There is so much more to this world than we know. As an investigator I’m learning to open up to those other dimensions, other vibrations, and other levels of being. By actively seeking these things I keep myself aware of the magnificence of our universe.
When I’m not investigating, I’m a writer, graphic and web designer ( I help small and medium sized businesses as well as individuals create targeting, powerful marketing materials. I also create and maintain several affiliate marketing web sites and blogs (,

Investigator Tracy Lucas


Tracy Lucas is a professional writer with a personal interest in the paranormal. She has published five books, sold over two hundred news and magazine articles, and had short fiction and poetry pieces appear in literary magazines and anthologies. She owns Smash Cake Press (a book publishing company) and Writing for Your Supper (a writing advice blog), teaches seminars on writing and blogging, and lives near Nashville with her husband, three kids, and one overweight cat. She is currently working on a middle-grade novel, new coursework for her blogging class, and a giant pile of laundry.

Tracy is an open-minded Christian and intuitive who first became interested in the paranormal through her own personal experiences, which began at a very young age. For a long time, she didn’t realize other people didn’t have these experiences. Once she did, she kept her stories quiet. It wasn’t until she was a young adult that she began to look for answers and figure out her own path.

Tracy previously worked with several other paranormal groups before getting involved with VSPR. Her goal is to seek hard evidence of the afterlife that she can point to and share with others. She believes that the world is a big enough place for many different walks of life, and hopes to bring resolution to those who are troubled by their own unexplained phenomena.

Investigator Jerry Lucas


Jerry has had a lifelong interest in all things paranormal, especially the things that go bump in the night. He has had a multiple experiences throughout his life that are outside the bounds of conventional explanation.

In the past, Jerry has been an actor, director, writer for a local paper, comic colorist and letterer, HAZMAT truck driver, explosives handler, and a soldier in the Army National Guard. In the present, Jerry is an amateur runner and an LPN working the night shift at a retirement home.

Investigator -Mary Jennings


Mary Jennings is a singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN that has been interested in the paranormal all of her life.  The real spark to do paranormal research started when she lost her mother when she was 18.  Experiencing events that could not be explained, Mary has searched for answers.  She wants to not only find explanations for these bizarre events, but she wants to help educate those that are also experiencing the paranormal.  These things need to be explained, not feared.  She joined VSPR in 2013. You can Learn more about Mary’s music at her website and youtube page.



  1. Tommy Miller October 27, 2014 7:18 am Reply

    Hi, my name is Tommy Miller. I have been looking to join a paranormal group for a while now. I do have some experiences. I have also been interested in the paranormal all my life. I currently am a Police Officer where I live which is in Woodbury, Tn, a small town just outside of Murfreesboro, Tn. I look forward in to hearing from you.

    • admin December 22, 2014 4:39 am Reply

      Tommy you can reach us at for an application. Apologies for delay on response. The team leader has been ill for about 6 months.

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