Alternative Frequencies-Guest on “Hey Z Radio”

Back in February 2013, Mike Sears the Director of VSPR, was asked to be the first guest for Stephen Hill’s new radio show “Alternative Frequencies” on “Hey Z Radio”.  Mike shared some of his experiences how the paranormal research  field  became part of his life.  During the show Stephen played several of the EVP’s Mike and the VSPR team has captured from their research the past few years.

Mike: “It was a great Honor to be a guest on Stephen’s show. I have been a big fan of Stephen’s ITC research for several years.  After reading his book,  I can  also relate to some of his personal experiences that he has had with the supernatural.”

Stephen Hill’s radio show “Alternative Frequencies” airs every Wednesday night at 11:00 pm till Midnight Eastern Time.  On “Hey Z Radio”


You can listen to the radio show by clicking on the play button on Sound Cloud below.

Is a Natural Born Empathic, an author of “Something Unseen”, Founder of Piedmont Paranormal Research and host of the radio show “Alternative Frequencies” on “ Hey Z Radio”

You can purchase Stephens Book on and Learn how Stephen entered the Paranormal Research Field. Becoming a well known researcher for his ITC research with the ”Spirit Box”.

“Something Unseen”



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