Volunteer State Paranormal Research on PBS- Tennessee Crossroads-Rippavilla Plantation,Spring Hill,TN


Mike Sears on the Travel Channel “America’s Most Terrifying Places” – Featuring the Location of Octagon Hall in Franklin, Kentucky.

Part 1

Part 2

VSPR Conducts ITC & EVP Session at Rippavilla Plantation,Spring Hill,TN digital dowsing-The PX Box

Rippavilla Plantation,Spring Hill TN SNAPS OR EVP REPLIES

Leaving your recorder on when Exiting a Session- EVP Tip

Very loud and Clear Class A EVP of female

Red Orb captured on video during an EVP session. The session was in a current operating public school that was having paranormal activity. The library had reports of full body apparitions of a female in 1950′s to early 1960′s outfit. Also shadow figures, items moving on own, electronics turning on and off and other unexplained events.


To see more Videos of EVP’s that VSPR has captured, click on the link to our YOUTUBE webpage. YOUTUBE VSPARANORMAL

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