Movie Review- The Conjuring

Movie Review

by-Mike Sears

“The Conjuring”

“The Conjuring” is based on a “true story”’ and the case files of Ed & Lorraine Warren, worldly known paranormal researchers. The movie deals with an Extreme haunting that involved the Perron family in Harrisville, Long Island.

Movie Trailer:

This trailer has interviews with the Perron Family.



My review:

I went to see this movie as a paranormal researcher and a person who had lived through an extreme haunting. I lived with an extreme haunting from 1994-2000 at my parent’s house in Melbourne Florida. Those who have lived with an extreme haunting will not forget how terrifying the experience is and it will be engraved forever in their memory. Can read about the experience clicking here— Mike Haunting Experience

The Warrens:

The movie showed the Warrens research on prior cases in the beginning of the movie, so you can learn who they are and what they have dealt with in past cases. One of the cases being of a possessed doll. I wish the movie had the doll look like the real doll the Warrens dealt with. The movie doll was a china porcelain doll made up to look creepy. The real possessed doll was a large Raggedy Ann doll. To me, Raggedy Ann being possessed is creepier (but maybe it was some legal thing to do with copy writes if they showed it). The movie even showed a residential case that they went to that wasn’t haunted. This showing the public that not all claims of activity is paranormal and can be mostly explained by natural causes. This I liked a lot and a good touch to the film.

The movie I thought could have explained the Warren’s investigating equipment better. Explaining some of it in more detail for those who didn’t understand what it was being used for and how it worked. For the investigating part, I liked how the movie had an experienced investigator helping the Warrens and a new member who started out as a skeptic when he first arrived at the Perron’s house. The biggest and most important thing I liked how the movie portrayed the Warrens in the movie. They showed that they did it for the love of the research and for helping others. They bonded with the family and made a connection with them. It wasn’t for fame or let’s have a cool experience. It was a husband and wife who knew there is an unknown force and a darker side out there that most people don’t understand. They were there to help them understand this and hopefully help them conquer their fear.

Paranormal activity:

The paranormal activity portrayed in the movie was very well done. The scene where one of the daughters was grabbed by the foot and pulled down the bed, this was very believable to me. In the movie one of the daughters would be awoken by her foot being tugged and being partially dragged out of her bed. The daughter thought her sister was doing this, which slept next to her in a nearby bed. I had personally experienced this myself. My experience relating to this, I thought someone had broken into the house late at night. I could feel someone in the room, I was laying on my stomach in my queen size bed when I awoke, I started to slowly reach for the light and my pistol I kept near me. I suddenly felt 2 hands grab my ankles and started to pull me off the bed hard and fast; my legs from the knee down were in the air over the end of the bed I felt the hands release my ankles and immediately I pushed and climbed my way back up to the top of the bed, before I could reach for the light, something jumped onto my back and pushed my head into my pillow. I tried to scream, but was muffled into my pillow. I thought I was going to die during this. I pushed my arms on my side and tried to push the person off me, doing a push up type move. Finally the weight lifted off me and I was able to get to the light, turning it on and grabbing my pistol. My room was found empty and my bedroom door closed. No one was there. Can read about the haunting here: Mike’s Haunting Expereince

Other scenes reminded me of the haunting I lived with. Their dog not wanting to enter the house, my dog wouldn’t go into my bedroom or sometimes the main living room area. The dog truly feared the spirit in the house. There was one time my mother witnessed our dog growling at nothing visible, the dog having it’s hair standing up; then suddenly witnessing the dog being lifted off the floor and thrown into the wall. In the movie there are scenes of people being lifted and thrown. I could relate to this also; many of times I was attacked, pushed, thrown and lifted by some unknown force. Unlike the Perron’s case, no one was possessed in the house I lived in; this part of the movie is extremely rare case to happen in a haunting. Thank god, the haunting we dealt with was terrifying enough.

For the skeptics who see the movie, they will say its bullshit, fake or it’s not true-just pure Hollywood make believe. It’s easy to say that, if you never personally experienced it firsthand..

I was 25 in age when the extreme haunting started; I had prior served in the Air Force police, and was currently working for the government at the time. I was a skeptical person but open minded to paranormal at the time. Prior to the haunting if you told me I would encounter and experience this, I would laugh and thought you were crazy. Now 19 years later I have seen and experienced so much, that paranormal, has become the normal for me.

For my rating for this movie I give it a 4 out 5 for realism for an extreme haunting.

To learn more about this Haunting, the oldest daughter from the Perron family, Andrea Perron who has written the family experiences in her book “House of Darkness, House of Light” is interviewed by a great friend of mine and VSPR’s- Stephen Hill on his radio show “ Alternative Frequencies” that airs on

Well worth listening to :

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