Volunteer State Paranormal Research Conducts ITC & EVP Session at Rippavilla Plantation (Spring Hill, TN)

Volunteer State Paranormal Research Conducts ITC & EVP Session at Rippavilla Plantation (Spring Hill, TN)

Originally posted Feb 6 2012

Article written by

Becki Baumgartner-Lead Investigator for VSPR


Rippavilla Plantation- Spring Hill,Tennessee

Click here for history of Rippavilla




The above clip is from a session held by Volunteer State Paranormal Research in the cellar of Rippavilla Plantation, located in Spring Hill, Tennessee. A great deal of paranormal activity had previously been experienced in the cellar. Our team used the PX Oviluss with great results. This is just a short clip of the hour we investigated in the cellar.

“ITC” stands for Instrumental Trans-Communication. ITC is communication between the living and spirits or other entities utilizing any type of electronic device. Some examples of common household devices that have been used int he past are tape recorders, fax machines, TV sets, and computers. ITC can include visual effects in addition to audio anomalies. The term “Instrumental Trans-Communication” found its origins through Professor Ernst Senkowski who was a physicist at Faculty of Engineering in University of Mainz, Germany. Unfortunately, the scientific community per-say   has not yet accepted the validity of ITC.

The electronic device we used for our ITC experiments in this video is a PX Box. The PX was invented by Bill Chappell. It is an electronic device that reads changes in the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and converts those readings into words. The theory behind this piece of equipment is that spirits seeking to communicate learn how interact with the device by changing the EMF causing the PX Box to announce the words they wish to communicate to the audience.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. EVP’s are intelligible speech generated on electric devices, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings by the person using the recorder. Elecgtronic Voice Phenomena is created with static, radio, or background noise, etc. The theory behind EVP is that the spirit can create a shift in frequency outside of the normal human voice range that shows up on audio recorders. The length of EVP can range from a single word or an entire sentence. The recorder  used in this investigation was an Olympus Digital Recorder WS-100.


  1. mckensey November 3, 2015 2:17 am Reply

    is it true that the rippavilla plantation is haunted?


    • admin December 29, 2015 6:49 am Reply

      Yes its very haunted. VSPR team has had many personal experiences there and captured some great data.

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