“My Name is Sunshine” Spirit Box Reply-ITC Research

Paranormal Investigating: “My Name is Sunshine” Full Sentence Digital Recorder Capture of Frank’s Box Hack Reply


First you will hear Mike Sears, founder of Volunteer State Paranormal Research, ask “Can you tell us your name?” Then you’ll hear “My Name is Sunshine”. We think this might be the child that has been seen in Mike’s house. The child is of a little boy around the age of 8-10 with blondish sandy hair and  seen smiling before he vanishes.

From the response, it  shows that it is an “Intelligent” response.  The child voice  is using part of the question to respond to the question. “My Name is Sunshine ”

Non of us during the session heard this reply from the child. This is why its very important to record  your ITC session. You will be able to go back later and listen for replies you might have missed.

This capture is from a private investigation at the Director of VSPR home. We were using Mike Sears’s Frank’s Box Hack and my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-100. A Frank’s Box Hack is a Radio Shack Radio altered so that it continuously scans through the channels without stopping. The theory as to how this works is that it supposedly allows spirits to communicate with us by manipulating the voltage or electromagnetic frequency in a randomly or continuously scanning AM/FM radio. According to the theory, Spirits can learn to stop the random or sweeping scans of the radio on particular words or phrases being broadcast to convey a message to the living. Also the theory is the spirit is able to speak thru the static white noise. There has been times VSPR has used the box in areas that can not receive a radio station and just receives white static noise. During those times we have got replies to our questions. This form of investigating is called ITC (Instrumental Transcomunication)communication through any sort of electronic device such as radios, tape recorders, fax machines, television sets or computers between spirits or other discarnate entities and the living. Most common item used for ITC is the am/fm radio.

VSPR uses several types of am/fm radio Spirit boxes and the PX/Ovilus for its ITC research. We will be posting more of our ITC  finds in the near future.


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