Guest Speaking

VSPR offers guest speaking & paranormal investigation events.

Guest Speaking topics that Mike Sears offers:

  • Mike’s Paranormal Journey- Mike shares his journey how he got involved in the field of paranormal research. The life changing events that he experienced with his fathers Near Death Experience(NDE), the extreme haunting he lived with.  Also sharing VSPR team experiences they encountered while investigating.
  • Paranormal 101- Teachings of basic paranormal research and investigating techniques.
  • History of paranormal research and spirit communications- Learn about early researchers and Techniques of use of spirit communication by various tools in the paranormal field (EVP,ITC,EMF).


Prior guest speakings Mike has done over the years:

  • Tennessee State Archives- Nashville Library
  • Rotary Club
  • Galactic Expo-Nashville
  • Fifty Forward Club
  • Museums and Historical locations.
  • Media- Radio and Television.


Past Charity events VSPR has done:

  • Rippavilla Plantation,Spring Hill TN
  • Octagon Hall, Franklin KY
  • Clement Railroad Museum,Dickson,TN.


Fees for public speaking varies on time length and location. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further details. email us @


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