Paranormal Sideshow- John & Stacey Edwards

March 8th 2017

Mike the director of VSPR was asked to be a guest on the Paranormal Sideshow,hosted by John and Stacey Edwards.

John and Stacey had seen some of VSPR’s videos that were shared on Facebook of the ITC and EVP data from Mike’s house.  Mike’s home was extremely active during the year of 2016 and 2017.  Specially when Mike had bought a Halloween decoration and brought it into his house.  The spirits in the home were not pleased what was brought in.  Mike talked about the research and data that the VSPR team collected during this time period.

Mike -Always a pleasure talking with John and Stacey. They have a fun show that covers all kinds of topics on the supernatural and mysteries.

You can access the show by watching it on the Youtube video.

John and Stacey’s Paranormal Sideshow (Your bizarre destination of macabre oddities and curious mysteries) Visit their website for the latest episodes, paranormal news, and more!

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