Guest Speaking Event June 30th 2012

This was a great event and enjoyed working with Duann Kier. One of the Best Psychic/Mediums VSPR has had the honor to work with. 


Pursuing The Paranormal with Duann Kier & Mike Sears

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Cost for this very special 3-1/2 hour event is only $15.00 with prepaid PayPal registration or $20.00 at the door. Cash only please. Half the lecture is only $10.00 at the door. Cash only please. Payment details at the bottom of this announcement.

Join us for this very special summer “double header” with two of our own talented and gifted VSPR team members, Duann Kier and Mike Sears.


Pursuing The Paranormal is something we can all relate to. We all do it in many different ways. From reading books, to attending lectures, to watching and listening to certain shows on television and radio, to trying to communicate with spirits, higher intelligences or our own higher selves – we are all trying to make those connections that are important to us.

Join us for this very special talk that mixes the psychic and the intuitive with the paranormal from many different angles to help us gain knowledge, clarity and understanding about the amazing things that are happening in our lives.


12:45 – 1:00


1:00 – 2:30

Why the Paranormal

is Perfectly Normal

with Duann Kier

Spiritual Intuitive

Duann will talk about many of the connections between the psychic and the paranormal and why we should not fear things outside of our understanding, but rather learn how these experiences connect to important things in our everyday lives and possibly to our own intuitive abilities.

There are visions in front of you right now that you can’t see. There are voices next to you right now that you can’t hear. There are even scents wafting in the air right now that you can’t smell. Are they paranormal or perfectly normal? How do you tell the difference? Is there a difference? Discover the supernatural and what you may very well be missing all around you every day and why.

Duann is known for her high energy and sense of humor and has over 25 years experience in training and development. She is a spiritual intuitive, or a psychic, whose life path has carried her from Christian fundamentalism to the belief that spiritual revelations are ongoing and can be received by all. She has served as an author, Ordained Minister, Educator and Program Founder and Director. Fondly known as a skeptical psychic because she continuously examines her intuitive gift and knows it does not make her infallible, Duann offers private and confidential spiritual or psychic readings known as Seer Sessions.

Much more about Duann here

2:30 – 2:45


2:45 – 4:15

My Journey

into the Paranormal

with Mike Sears

Founder and Director
Volunteer State Paranormal Research



Mike will share some of his personal stories and also present some of the amazing data  from some of the many investigations he has led.

I have had multiple experiences of the paranormal most of my life. Starting at around a very young age of 5 when I saw my first spirit/ghost of a little girl appear in my bedroom in up state New York. There have been other occurrences throughout my life but nothing like the one I had in 1994 in Melbourne Florida. This event became a life changing experience that helped me to seek to find answers about life after death and to help others gain understanding. Helping others has fueled my passion in the Paranormal field.

Mike has been investigating the Paranormal for over 5 years. After working with other teams and learning various techniques, in the Spring of 2009, he founded his own team, Volunteer State Paranormal Research (VSPR). Mike has investigated throughout the states of Tennessee and Kentucky and parts of Alabama at some well known haunted places like Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, Octagon Hall in Franklin KY, Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill TN and many other areas of Middle Tennessee. In 2009, Mike was nominated Best Male Investigator and won Best In Spirit Photography in the International Paranormal Acknowledgment Awards. He has also been featured on several radio and television shows, is published in paranormal magazines and has served as a guest speaker for various events.

Much more about Mike and VSPR here





**Prepaid registration is not required but space is limited to the comfortable capacity of the room. If the attendance cap is reached and a waiting list is started, RSVPs will not be guaranteed without prepayment. Please keep RSVPs, including guests coming with you, up to date and current as we get closer to this event.

The last day for online preregistration is Wednesday, June 27th.

Preregistration cost is only $15.00 per person for both lectures.

Preregister via PayPal HERE.

After Wednesday June 27, cost is $20.00 at the door. Cash only please.

Attend half of the lecture for $10.00 at the door. Cash only please.

No preregistration discount offered for half lecture.

Refunds will be offered via PayPal only thru Wednesday June 27.

There will be no refunds after Wednesday June 27.

More Information click on the links below:


Duann’s Website

Mike’s Website

Fifty Forward Donelson Station

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