Volunteer State Paranormal Research Investigates in the Middle Tennessee and Western Tennessee area for most of our investigations; though we do travel outside the state and area if requested to do so.

We are a NON-PROFIT team of Paranormal Investigators whose primary goal is to document our research to find out if there is life after death. Using our data research and linking it to any past life and history of the location. Hopefully someday with our data collected and others who are seeking the same answers we can learn that the existences of ghosts/spirits are real and that the afterlife exists.

We also strive to educate the public, and help those who live with a haunting, by sharing our personal experience to the client to help them understand and calm their fears from their experiences. We use both simple and high-tech electronic equipment to document and substantiate our experiences. We also use Sensitive’s/Psychics to help point us in the right direction with our equipment to help with our research. Psychic evidence is only presented to the client if our equipment and research of location can match with their readings. Our team Sensitive’s primary are to be Investigators first.

We investigate Historical public locations, commercial properties, and private residences, and although we are based in Burns, Tennessee, Dickson County, we enjoy traveling to investigate haunted sites around the country. We are a serious group of professionally-minded adults who believe that skepticism is healthy, and that all reasonable explanations should be ruled out prior to declaring any experience to be paranormal in nature. That not all paranormal activity to be negative.

If you think you might have paranormal activity/haunting and like us to Investigate for you or have any questions about the paranormal. Please feel free to contact us through the website or email us at : Vsparanormal@aol.com All information given to us by the client is kept confidential and treated in a professional matter. Any evidence collected during a private investigation will be shared with the client and they will receive a full written report.

Letters of Reference can be provided upon request.

Many thanks

Mike Sears

Director of Volunteer State Paranormal Research


VSPR Believes in Paranormal Unity. We don’t mind working or helping others in the paranormal field.

We DO NOT tolerate people who lack respect for the dead or the living. If your team allows provoking to have a paranormal experience, then we are not the team you want to work with. VSPR is not a social group, we take our investigating serious and all work for a common cause.

At this time, any private Investigations that are 50 miles outside Nashville we request a donation for travel cost due to the rising cost of gas. Many thanks for your understanding.

To learn more about the VSPR Team members, click on the word TEAM

Donations are welcome. Please click on the PayPal logo if you like to make a donation towards our research. Many thanks from the VSPR Team.

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