“My Name is Sunshine” Spirit Box Reply-ITC Research

Paranormal Investigating: “My Name is Sunshine” Full Sentence Digital Recorder Capture of Frank’s Box Hack Reply


First you will hear Mike Sears, founder of Volunteer State Paranormal Research, ask “Can you tell us your name?” Then you’ll hear “My Name is Sunshine”. We think this might be the child that has been seen in Mike’s house. The child is of a little boy around the age of 8-10 with blondish sandy hair and  seen smiling before he vanishes.

From the response, it  shows that it is an “Intelligent” response.  The child voice  is using part of the question to respond to the question. “My Name is Sunshine ”

Non of us during the session heard this reply from the child. This is why its very important to record  your ITC session. You will be able to go back later and listen for replies you might have missed.

This capture is from a private investigation at the Director of VSPR home. We were using Mike Sears’s Frank’s Box Hack and my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-100. A Frank’s Box Hack is a Radio Shack Radio altered so that it continuously scans through the channels without stopping. The theory as to how this works is that it supposedly allows spirits to communicate with us by manipulating the voltage or electromagnetic frequency in a randomly or continuously scanning AM/FM radio. According to the theory, Spirits can learn to stop the random or sweeping scans of the radio on particular words or phrases being broadcast to convey a message to the living. Also the theory is the spirit is able to speak thru the static white noise. There has been times VSPR has used the box in areas that can not receive a radio station and just receives white static noise. During those times we have got replies to our questions. This form of investigating is called ITC (Instrumental Transcomunication)communication through any sort of electronic device such as radios, tape recorders, fax machines, television sets or computers between spirits or other discarnate entities and the living. Most common item used for ITC is the am/fm radio.

VSPR uses several types of am/fm radio Spirit boxes and the PX/Ovilus for its ITC research. We will be posting more of our ITC  finds in the near future.


Guest Speaking Event June 30th 2012

This was a great event and enjoyed working with Duann Kier. One of the Best Psychic/Mediums VSPR has had the honor to work with. 


Pursuing The Paranormal with Duann Kier & Mike Sears

Sponsered by:


Cost for this very special 3-1/2 hour event is only $15.00 with prepaid PayPal registration or $20.00 at the door. Cash only please. Half the lecture is only $10.00 at the door. Cash only please. Payment details at the bottom of this announcement.

Join us for this very special summer “double header” with two of our own talented and gifted VSPR team members, Duann Kier and Mike Sears.


Pursuing The Paranormal is something we can all relate to. We all do it in many different ways. From reading books, to attending lectures, to watching and listening to certain shows on television and radio, to trying to communicate with spirits, higher intelligences or our own higher selves – we are all trying to make those connections that are important to us.

Join us for this very special talk that mixes the psychic and the intuitive with the paranormal from many different angles to help us gain knowledge, clarity and understanding about the amazing things that are happening in our lives.


12:45 – 1:00


1:00 – 2:30

Why the Paranormal

is Perfectly Normal

with Duann Kier

Spiritual Intuitive

Duann will talk about many of the connections between the psychic and the paranormal and why we should not fear things outside of our understanding, but rather learn how these experiences connect to important things in our everyday lives and possibly to our own intuitive abilities.

There are visions in front of you right now that you can’t see. There are voices next to you right now that you can’t hear. There are even scents wafting in the air right now that you can’t smell. Are they paranormal or perfectly normal? How do you tell the difference? Is there a difference? Discover the supernatural and what you may very well be missing all around you every day and why.

Duann is known for her high energy and sense of humor and has over 25 years experience in training and development. She is a spiritual intuitive, or a psychic, whose life path has carried her from Christian fundamentalism to the belief that spiritual revelations are ongoing and can be received by all. She has served as an author, Ordained Minister, Educator and Program Founder and Director. Fondly known as a skeptical psychic because she continuously examines her intuitive gift and knows it does not make her infallible, Duann offers private and confidential spiritual or psychic readings known as Seer Sessions.

Much more about Duann here

2:30 – 2:45


2:45 – 4:15

My Journey

into the Paranormal

with Mike Sears

Founder and Director
Volunteer State Paranormal Research



Mike will share some of his personal stories and also present some of the amazing data  from some of the many investigations he has led.

I have had multiple experiences of the paranormal most of my life. Starting at around a very young age of 5 when I saw my first spirit/ghost of a little girl appear in my bedroom in up state New York. There have been other occurrences throughout my life but nothing like the one I had in 1994 in Melbourne Florida. This event became a life changing experience that helped me to seek to find answers about life after death and to help others gain understanding. Helping others has fueled my passion in the Paranormal field.

Mike has been investigating the Paranormal for over 5 years. After working with other teams and learning various techniques, in the Spring of 2009, he founded his own team, Volunteer State Paranormal Research (VSPR). Mike has investigated throughout the states of Tennessee and Kentucky and parts of Alabama at some well known haunted places like Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, Octagon Hall in Franklin KY, Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill TN and many other areas of Middle Tennessee. In 2009, Mike was nominated Best Male Investigator and won Best In Spirit Photography in the International Paranormal Acknowledgment Awards. He has also been featured on several radio and television shows, is published in paranormal magazines and has served as a guest speaker for various events.

Much more about Mike and VSPR here





**Prepaid registration is not required but space is limited to the comfortable capacity of the room. If the attendance cap is reached and a waiting list is started, RSVPs will not be guaranteed without prepayment. Please keep RSVPs, including guests coming with you, up to date and current as we get closer to this event.

The last day for online preregistration is Wednesday, June 27th.

Preregistration cost is only $15.00 per person for both lectures.

Preregister via PayPal HERE.

After Wednesday June 27, cost is $20.00 at the door. Cash only please.

Attend half of the lecture for $10.00 at the door. Cash only please.

No preregistration discount offered for half lecture.

Refunds will be offered via PayPal only thru Wednesday June 27.

There will be no refunds after Wednesday June 27.

More Information click on the links below:


Duann’s Website

Mike’s Website

Fifty Forward Donelson Station

GHOST – Real or Not?

Written By-Mike Sears



What is a ghost?  Definition of the term “Ghost” is the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.

Why is it hard for some to grasp and not believe that ghosts are real? For others they are to be very real and they do not need convincing that they are.

To me a “Skeptic”- is a person who hasn’t had that personal experience yet; a personal encounter with the nonliving.

A poll from CBS News in 2009 pollsters they have seen a real-life ghost in some form. And whether or not they’ve seen one, even more Americans believe that ghosts actually do exist. Nearly half of Americans say they believe in ghosts, or that the dead can return in certain places and situations.


Women are more likely to say they believe in ghosts than are men: 56 percent of women believe, while 38 percent of men do. More than half of younger Americans aged 18 to 45 believe in ghosts; those over 45 are less likely.
More than one in five Americans says they have seen a ghost themselves, or have felt themselves to be in the presence of one. [1]

Ghost have been seen and reported since man could record it.

For example, Spirits/Ghost are even mentioned in the bible, The word “Ghost” is only used in the Bible a handful of times in the following passages: Is. 29:14; Matt. 14:26; Mark 6:49; and Luke 24:37-39.

Luke 24:37-39  one of my favorites that I like sharing : The disciples believed they were seeing a ghost rather than Jesus. 37 They were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost. 38 He said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds? 39Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.”

There is the strange tale from rural West Virginia in the county of Greenbrier; it is not only a part of supernatural history, but of the history of the American judicial system as well. It remains a one of a kind event… The only case in which the word of a ghost helped to solve a crime and convict a murderer! If the legal system accepts and believes it, then doesn’t this show Ghost must be real? The State has even placed a historical marker located in the Greenbrier County to mark and remember this amazing event in History.

The use of Mediums and Psychics has often helped solve crimes. They are supposed to be able to make contact with the spirit world. If spirits/ghost are not real, why would the police and government agencies continue to pay or ask for these Medium/psychic services to contact spirits? A great link on info about the use of Psychics and Mediums for crime solving.

There are many reports of people saying they were saved by a ghost. An apparition would appear to tell them to not enter or go towards a certain location. Later to find out if they did continue they would have been severely hurt or killed.  Also people had been contacted by an apparition to tell them something specific about a person or item. They would later try to thank this person and to find out that the person who they described had passed away hours to even many years prior.

I met a couple who shared this type of experience with me. They were visiting back to a house they once owned few years ago and once belong to several generations in their family. They wanted to visit the family graves that were on the property and see any changes to the old home. When they arrived at their old family home they noticed there were no grave markers on the property. A new house had been built next to their old house and a new large driveway was put in that went between the two houses. They asked the new owner, “Where was the grave markers, where had they gone?” The new owner knew nothing of the markers. She had purchased the house a few months prior and was told it was a prior rental home when she bought it. The couple explained that to the new house owner that there used to be 3 graves on the property. The new owner then asked “Were they children?” She then said, “I’m not sure if you believe in ghost? But just a few weeks ago, I was hanging my clothes outside on the clothes line. I was startled when an older woman walked up and took me by surprise. She asked me “Have you seen my 3 children?”  The lady replied “No mam, I haven’t. I would be happy to help you look for them though. Just let me clip this sheet to the line and I will help you look.”

The lady hung up the sheet and then stepped away from the clothes line to see that the old woman had vanished. She then told this couple that the old lady was not able to walk away that fast and could not figure where she had gone to. The couple asked her, “What did she look like?”

She described the older woman about 5 feet and 4 inches tall, wearing a vintage black dress with tiny wire frame glasses. Her gray hair tied up in a tight bun.  The couple was surprised of the description; the gentleman then told her that sounded like his grandmother. She had lost 3 children from sickness during her time living in that house.

The graves on the property were of 3 children who had passed away. This information startled the new owner and said “I would hope they are ok, that they had been moved.”

The couple left and told the new owner they would be back. When they returned the couple showed her a photo of the husband’s grandmother who had passed away over 20 plus years ago. The photo matched what the woman had seen and met. This  startled  and amazed her it was the same woman. The couple then asked if they could check the land with a steal rod they had brought back with them. They wanted to poke the ground and see if they could find the head stones, just in case they might have been buried. The new owner had no problem and was happy to help. It didn’t take long till they struck hard rock in the new gravel drive way. There under the gravel not far  down and apart was 3 head stones ; each having the children’s names on them. The prior owners had bulldozed them over during the construction of the new drive way and house next door.  The couple later on took the stones and children to a nearby cemetery to be with other family members. Was it possible the mother was not at rest till she was back with her children? Her spirit had come back to ask the living for help to find them? There are so many personal experiences like this worldwide, where a Spirit/Ghost asking for help.

Those who have claimed to have seen a “Ghost”, come from all types of life styles, from the poor to the rich and famous. From the uneducated to the every educated. All can describe their experience in great detail and be able to share their experience over and over through time without change to their story. Why is this?  If it is a figment of their imagination, wouldn’t their stories change with different details?? If ghost aren’t real, why have millions come forward saying they have seen or made contact with one?

For those of us who research and experience the paranormal, debating with skeptics can be frustrating. Maybe experiencing this with skeptics is what it must have been like for those who first believed the World was round. I personally have taken skeptics on investigations and later left with a believer or having them with a more open mind to the supernatural.

For those who have seen and experienced a “Ghost” no longer need to be convinced if they are real or not. For those who don’t believe, they will have to wait till their time comes to experience one.





Volunteer State had an amazing and busy year in 2012.

We like to thank everyone who has supported us and asked for our help this passed year. 2012 has had some amazing experiences and we like to share them with you on our 2012 year review.




2012 started off with the team having their first team meeting and investigation of the year at the Clement Railroad Museum/Halbrook Hotel in Dickson, TN.   The WWII exhibit was just coming to an end and the team had some amazing experiences back in 2011 during the October public investigation that the museum held. VSPR wanted to come back to do some follow up questions and at the time the Director of the museum wanted to learn more about the activity he had witnessed during the public event.  Mike the Director of VSPR, who also volunteers at the museum working docent duty and curator work, had recently had a personal experience at the museum January 2012 prior to the meeting and investigation. 

Mike and Derrick (Curator and caretaker at museum) had noticed one of the display cases had been tampered with. That several items in the enclosed Plexiglas case had been moved somehow; items that had to be moved by hand with the removal of the sealed case to reach these items. Mike and Derrick were closing up the museum and the on duty docent was ending her day. They were all in the dining room when they all heard a loud clang in the hallway that sounded like a dinner bell. They left the dining hall to investigate this sound they heard on the main floor. They reached the end of the hall when they all experienced static electricity in the air; having goose bumps rising on their arms and neck. The female docent was spooked from this and decided she needed to go home right then. Mike and Derrick helped walk her out and then locked up the building behind her.  They then left to go finish fixing the enclosed display case that was on the second floor of the museum. They rearranged the case and then started to put the plexiglass cover back on. Derrick having his back to the hall way entrance and Mike facing it, Mike then noticed a dark shadow of a figure standing at the end of the hall entrance. Mike asked if anyone would be left in the museum to Derrick. Derrick said, “No everyone is gone. Why you ask?” Mike tells Derrick to slowly turn around and look.  Derrick sees the tall figure standing there and then walk to the side of the entrance and vanish. Mike yells out, “Hello!! Can we help you?  We are closed! You’re not in trouble just come out and show yourself!” No reply, Derrick and Mike go to approach this person, they reach the hall entrance and they feel such a strong static electricity in the air.  No one is to be found. Derrick haves goose bumps on top of goose bumps and Mike’s hair literally starts to stand up on his head. The temperature was ice cold and could start to see your breath in the hall. Mike said. “I’m not sure who you are, if you’re mad or happy. We are going to leave and close up and wish you a Good night.”

The team investigated a week after this happening and had some EMF meter interaction on the top floor and captured some EVP’S from this investigation. VSPR is working on a full write up about the building and the paranormal experiences that have happened there the past 3 years it has been opened and will be posted in the near future. We will be presenting video footage and some amazing EVP’S VSPR has collected the past 3 years there. Some EVP replies even mention the last name of the prior inhabitants. 



 February VSPR was invited to a Para-unity investigation with 5 other paranormal teams from other areas of the U.S. at Octagon Hall in Franklin, Kentucky. Keith Fourier (team leader of Night Stalkers Paranormal Research) and Billy Byrd caretaker of Octagon Hall, hosted the Unity event. The event took place right after John Zaffis finished filming the SYFY TV episode “Haunted Collector”. So the property seemed to be more active from all the prior investigating that had been done prior.

VSPR invited two of our fans to join us on the investigation, the special guest were; Laura Bentley from Dora, Alabama and Stephanie Greene from Franklin, Tennessee.They worked together great with the VSPR team and glad they were able to come experience the Octagon Hall. 

The night investigating was very cold, in-between investigation sessions we huddled outside near the fire sharing expereinces with the other teams. Then rotating with the other teams to gain access in the house and other locations on the property to investigate through out the night.

VSPR had some activity in the house. On the top floor we had some EMF interaction and witnessed a shadow figure on the top floor in the side bedroom where the new stairs had been rebuilt. DVR CAM crew heard the walking above them and looked up the stairs to witness the same shadow figure Mike was seeing at the room entrance on the top floor.

VSPR returned to the barn and showed the guest the use of trigger items. VSPR used the liquor Bourbon  poured into  the vintage mug to entice the spirits to interact with them. Sure enough the motion detectors went on when Mike requested, “If you want some Bourbon, please turn on the motion lights and I will pour you some in the mug.”  The Bourbon was poured in the mug and a K2 meter was placed on top of it. The K2 would blink after Mike had said, “Come up and have a snort!”

During the  Unity event  that night the team was able to meet Chris Lien who is on the TV show “Paranormal State, The New Class” that airs on the A&E network. Chris and the VSPR team spent some time sharing experiences and investigating techniques.


Chris Lien with VSPR Team and special guest.

Same month of February VSPR was contacted by a client who was having activity in his home. Client reported of shadow figures being seen, people being touched and voices being heard in the house. VSPR did several walk through of the home. The first time Mike and Becki captured some great EVPS during the interview and walk through of the home. Becki had witnessed a hanger in the walk in closet lift up in to the air and fall on the floor; she went to pick it up and was pinched by an unknown force.  One of the EVP’S Mike captured was a name sound like “I’m Chief” The client is a veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan and Mike thought, is this someone the client knew?

The 2nd walk through Mike returned with team Psychic Duann Kier. After her walk through and reading of the property, Mike decided to conduct a short EVP session before the client returned to the home. Mike asked about EVPS that were captured on the first walk through. When Mike mentioned the name of “CHIEF”, Mike had some serious spirit interaction. The recording you will hear Mike comment about feeling the goose bumps and then feeling sad. Then Mike is just over whelmed with sadness. Mike said “The sadness was so intense; it was like I saw my kid or wife killed in a car accident.” The recording you will hear Duann talk to Mike. She felt Mike was empathically feeling what the client Chris is dealing with from the war. Mike feels it was the spirit  who might go by the name Chief, since the emotion hit when he brought up the name. The emotion hit Mike very fast and you will hear Mike fighting it. It hit him hard and fast. An experience no one from VSPR has personally experienced before.  Hearing the recording shows that Spirits can influence your emotions.

Click here and hear the recording  of Mike being over whelmed by the Spirit.


Month of May VSPR were guest of LUMINEARTH.COM to attend the Nashville Galactic Expo.  What a Great event. We spent all day Saturday meeting and talking to people. The event gets bigger every year. Many thanks to Becki Baumgartner and Joyce Dierschke of LuminEarth.com for inviting us to the Galactic Expo and be part of it. 

In June Mike guest spoke with Duann Kier for the Nashville Psychic Meetup. It was a great time meeting everyone and able to share experiences with the public.

During the summer the VSPR team did several private investigations; one being an Elementary school building from the early 1900’s.



Filming for CAFEMOM.com with Lindsay Ferrier at Octagon Hall

The month of August VSPR was asked by the CAFEMOM.COM web site to film an episode of the web series “I’ll Take That Dare “with show host Lindsay Ferrier.  The filming of the show went very well. The filming took place at Octagon Hall in Franklin, Kentucky.  It was a pretty hot day in August to film. The host and film crew had never been on an investigation before.  The filming supposed to last no longer than 3-4 hours, but lasted for 7 due to the amount of activity we experienced that night. The Barn was the most active session we had; we spent over 2 hours in there. Lots of Ovilus and EMF interaction.

Sadly when you sometimes help do these filming’s, you don’t get to speak up on the editing part. Several things VSPR didn’t care for on the finished episode.   The comments and terms used we didnt agree on. “Infested with ghost” – like ghost supposed to be like termites or roaches in one’s home?  When did people or past love ones become a pest? Then the mentioning the use of Bourbon to “bribe the spirits”, VSPR has been bringing bourbon to Octagon Hall for several years now because we had an EVP saying they wanted whisky. We had asked years ago  when VSPR started investigating at the Hall, “Is there anything we can bring you when we visit?”The whisky was one of the items. Sadly they had edited that part out explaining this to Lindsay and the film crew.

 Seven hours of filming and cut to 5 minutes. A lot of great activity that happened and was witnessed but was not put in the film. Shame they could had presented it more professional and believable with out the dramatics and drama music-But thats TV. It was a great learning experience and many thanks to Billy Byrd the care taker of Octagon Hall for allowing the filming and investigation to take place.

Here is the video if like to watch it.

 The fall and winter of 2012. Mike did another guest speaking and this one was for the Dickson, TN Psychic Meet up. A nice large turnout for this event.

VSPR also returned to the Columbia High School to conduct another investigation with the school staff in November. The investigation was very active. We are still going over our data and hope to share in the near future.

Mike also has another article and was featured in the “Who’s Who of the Paranormal” in the Fall/Winter issue of VISIONS Magazine. This will be the third article Mike has written for Visions. The article is about a personal experience he and his mom had in Florida during 1994.  The article is about spirit communication when a Juke box selected and played a song for them, when the Jukebox wasn’t even plugged into the outlet. A great experience and you can read more about it in the recent issue of Visions.  Click on the link to Visions Magazine  for more info about the magazine.


 During the year 2012 several team members have returned back to college to further their career and life experiences. Due to team members being busy with school and busy new life schedule; VSPR has recruited some new members . The new members will be starting in the new year of 2013. We will be adding their bio’s after their training and welcoming them to the team.

We are looking forward to the New Year trying new equipment and techniques during our investigations. So we can share our data with you.

We thank you for your support and too those who donated towards our research.

VSPR Wishes everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2013.


“Conversations with the Otherside”-Guest Speaking

Many thanks to all who attended this event. The event was sold out and all seating was maxed. Had a great time meeting everyone


September 28, 2013

Join us for this very special Fall “double header” with talented and gifted Pyschic/Medium Bonni McCliss and Paranormal Researcher Mike Sears.


“Conversations with the Otherside”

How can I communicate with lost loved ones?….How do I know they are communicating with me?…..Why can I feel spirits but not see them?……How do I know that it is not all just in my head?…..What do they want? Sound familiar? These questions and many more run through the minds of many.

(Even if they don’t want to admit it, people often fear what they do not understand.) We will discuss the many ways you can communicate with a spirit, and gain knowledge of “THEIR” ways of communicating with us.


Fifty Forward – Donelson Station

(Address: 108 Donelson Pike Nashville 37214 )

DATE: September 28, 2013

TIME:  7 pm – 10 pm

COST: $35.00 at the door,

Hurry seating is limited!!

(RSVP by September 27th to: Michelle Jackson, 615-339-6943 orJaxxonz3@gmail.com)



7:00 – 8:00pm – Mike Sears, Founder and Lead Investigator Volunteer State Paranormal Research. Mike will share some of his personal stories,the tools he uses to communicate with and also present some of the amazing data from some of the many investigations he has done.

Mike Sears

Mike Sears

Mike has had experiences of the paranormal most of his life. Starting at a very young age of 5 when he saw his first spirit/ghost of a little girl appearing in his bedroom when he lived in Upstate New York. Mike had other occurrences through his life that happened but nothing like the one he had in 1994 in Melbourne, Florida. This event became a life changing experience for Mike and put him in the direction to seek out answers about the Afterlife. From those experiences they fueled his passion to learn more about the paranormal field.www:vsparanormal.com

8:00 – 9:00pm – Mediumship Circle, Guided by Bonni McCliss, C.H.

Bonni McCliss is a Psychic Medium.Although relatively new to the Nashville area, she has quickly gained local and widespread recognition for her intense gifts and amazing accuracy. Bonni has been very successful sensing and contacting both earthbound spirits and guides from the other side and has gained an impressive list of celebrity clients. In addition Bonni is a certified hypnotherapist. Bonni currently performs psychic readings, hypnosis and Medium gallery readings both from her office at Cosmic Connections in Downtown Nashville and at larger venues throughout Tennessee. She recently was involved in clearings and assessments of historically significant properties in the Nashville area. Bonni’s special talents and gifts, tempered by her compassionate,Spiritual and motherly approach, make her uniquely qualified to assist the VSPR team in their investigations. Bonni may be contacted through her website: www.psychicbonni.com.

9:00 – 10:00pm – Mike Sears will introduce everyone to an ITC session (Instrumental Trans-communication) using the ovilus and spirit box to hopefully make a connection.


Guest Speaking & iiEnergyWorks Metaphysical Fair

Many thanks to all who attended this event.


 iiEnergyWorks Metaphysical Fair


Guest Speaking

Sunday November 17th 2013


Energy & Light Workers of Clarksville TN

Join us as we celebrate our first event in Clarksville,Tennessee!

11am till 7pm

Smith-Trahern Mansion


101 McClure Street, Clarksville, TN

Directions click here

Speakers, Healers, Psychic & Tarot Readers,
Teachers and Vendors!


click here for list of some of the guest and vendors

Energy Work, Mediumship, Crystal Healing, Past Life Workshop, Nutritional Readings, Acupuncture, Tarot Readings, Pet Readings, Paranormal Information from VSPR, Gallery Readings, Candles, Essential Oils from DoTerra, Herbs, Crystals, Incense….!

$3 entrance fee

Contact information: Contact Patsy Patricia at patsypatricia@iienergyworks.com or
Contact Michelle Jackson at jaxxonz3@gmail.com

 Afternoon Workshops offered as well as an evening event:

Evening Event:

Conversations With the Other Side


Price:$35.00/per person

                Click here for RSVP and more information.

How can I communicate with lost loved ones?….

How do I know they are
communicating with me?…..Why can I feel spirits but not see them?…

How do I know that it is not all just in my head?…..What do they want?

Sound familiar? These questions and many more run through the minds of many.

At this awesome lecture and workshop, we will discuss the many ways you can communicate with a spirit, and gain knowledge of “THEIR” ways of communicating with us

Mike Sears

Mike Sears

Mike Sears, Founder and Lead Investigator Volunteer State Paranormal Research. Mike will share some of his personal stories, the tools he uses to communicate with and also present some of the amazing data from some of the many investigations he has done.

Mike has had experiences of the paranormal most of his life;starting at a very young age of 5 when he saw his first spirit/ghost of a little girl appearing in his bedroom when he lived in Upstate New York. Mike had other occurrences through his life that happened but nothing like the one he had in 1994 in Melbourne, Florida. This event became a life changing experience for Mike and put him in the direction to seek out answers about the Afterlife. From those experiences they fueled his passion to learn more about the paranormal field.www:vsparanormal.com


Bonni McCliss is a Psychic Medium. Although relatively new to the Nashville area, she has quickly gained local and widespread recognition for her intense gifts and amazing accuracy. Bonni has been very successful sensing and contacting both earthbound spirits and guides from the other side and has gained an impressive list of loyal clients who come to her for assistance in clarity and release.

In addition Bonni is a certified hypnotherapist. Bonni currently performs psychic readings, hypnosis and Medium gallery readings both from her office at Cosmic Connections in Downtown Nashville and at larger venues throughout Tennessee.. Bonni may be contacted through her website: www.psychicbonni.com.

Event Ticket cost: $35

Seating IS LIMITED!!

For reservations:
Contact Patsy Patricia at patsypatricia@iienergyworks.com or
Contact Michelle Jackson at jaxxonz3@gmail.com

Alternative Frequencies-Guest on “Hey Z Radio”

Back in February 2013, Mike Sears the Director of VSPR, was asked to be the first guest for Stephen Hill’s new radio show “Alternative Frequencies” on “Hey Z Radio”.  Mike shared some of his experiences how the paranormal research  field  became part of his life.  During the show Stephen played several of the EVP’s Mike and the VSPR team has captured from their research the past few years.

Mike: “It was a great Honor to be a guest on Stephen’s show. I have been a big fan of Stephen’s ITC research for several years.  After reading his book,  I can  also relate to some of his personal experiences that he has had with the supernatural.”

Stephen Hill’s radio show “Alternative Frequencies” airs every Wednesday night at 11:00 pm till Midnight Eastern Time.  On “Hey Z Radio”


You can listen to the radio show by clicking on the play button on Sound Cloud below.

Stephen Hill :stephenhill

Is a Natural Born Empathic, an author of “Something Unseen”, Founder of Piedmont Paranormal Research and host of the radio show “Alternative Frequencies” on “ Hey Z Radio”

You can purchase Stephens Book on Amazon.com and Learn how Stephen entered the Paranormal Research Field. Becoming a well known researcher for his ITC research with the ”Spirit Box”.

“Something Unseen”



Investigating Tip – Factor in a trigger item.

Factor in a Trigger Item

By VSPR Investigator Stephanie Wangler


Want to connect with spirits on a compassionate level?   Try a trigger item.

VSPR team leader Mike Sears believes showing kindness will provide better results when investigating the paranormal.  Mike has implemented this technique into our research, and it has paid off in dividends based on the numerous personal experiences and EVPs caught by team members. What is a trigger item?  It can be several things; trigger items can be objects a spirit can relate with, such as an old watch, jewelry, clothing, children’s toys, and pictures. Another possibility to arouse spirit interaction is to offer candy, food and drink items; in addition, playing music has been beneficial to our research sessions.  The purpose of these actions is to foster a comfortable and familiar atmosphere, triggering a possible memory with the entity, and thus activity.

Remember spirits were once living beings. All people intertwine themselves emotionally with an object while here on earth. Hypothetically, spirits will bind themselves with those items left behind.  However, it is important to never use a trigger item in an insensitive way; these spirits should always be treated courteously and with respect.  I recommend taking VSPR’s approach and ban all negative provoking. In our experience, spirits have let us know if prior visitors were malicious or disrespectful.

Knowing the location’s history, implementing various trigger items, and utilizing additional tools, such as recorders and cameras, will benefit your work.  It is ever vital to remember that these tips, techniques, and gear are intended to show kindness; investigators should always recall that these spirits and their emotional bond to an item require the highest degree of respect and treatment to engender the best results.

Positive example: Investigating an area known to be haunted by soldiers  you could try these examples– play music from that era, offer period food, speak in the slang of that time, dress in period clothing.

Negative example:  Name calling, cursing, badgering, accusing , prop that might be considered offensive.

Here is an EVP captured on Stephanie Wangler’s digital  recorder when VSPR investigated the Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill,Tennessee  using a Trigger item.  We had heard that several men enjoyed Bourbon/Whisky at the house, so VSPR brought some and poured it into a vintage cup and told the spirits it was for them. Stephanie captured  this Class A EVP of an older man thanking us for the bourbon .
Click here EVP :


Example of some props -used by VSPR