Alternative Frequencies-Guest on “Hey Z Radio”

Back in February 2013, Mike Sears the Director of VSPR, was asked to be the first guest for Stephen Hill’s new radio show “Alternative Frequencies” on “Hey Z Radio”.  Mike shared some of his experiences how the paranormal research  field  became part of his life.  During the show Stephen played several of the EVP’s Mike and the VSPR team has captured from their research the past few years.

Mike: “It was a great Honor to be a guest on Stephen’s show. I have been a big fan of Stephen’s ITC research for several years.  After reading his book,  I can  also relate to some of his personal experiences that he has had with the supernatural.”

Stephen Hill’s radio show “Alternative Frequencies” airs every Wednesday night at 11:00 pm till Midnight Eastern Time.  On “Hey Z Radio”


You can listen to the radio show by clicking on the play button on Sound Cloud below.

Is a Natural Born Empathic, an author of “Something Unseen”, Founder of Piedmont Paranormal Research and host of the radio show “Alternative Frequencies” on “ Hey Z Radio”

You can purchase Stephens Book on and Learn how Stephen entered the Paranormal Research Field. Becoming a well known researcher for his ITC research with the ”Spirit Box”.

“Something Unseen”



Investigating Tip – Factor in a trigger item.

Factor in a Trigger Item

By VSPR Investigator Stephanie Wangler


Want to connect with spirits on a compassionate level?   Try a trigger item.

VSPR team leader Mike Sears believes showing kindness will provide better results when investigating the paranormal.  Mike has implemented this technique into our research, and it has paid off in dividends based on the numerous personal experiences and EVPs caught by team members. What is a trigger item?  It can be several things; trigger items can be objects a spirit can relate with, such as an old watch, jewelry, clothing, children’s toys, and pictures. Another possibility to arouse spirit interaction is to offer candy, food and drink items; in addition, playing music has been beneficial to our research sessions.  The purpose of these actions is to foster a comfortable and familiar atmosphere, triggering a possible memory with the entity, and thus activity.

Remember spirits were once living beings. All people intertwine themselves emotionally with an object while here on earth. Hypothetically, spirits will bind themselves with those items left behind.  However, it is important to never use a trigger item in an insensitive way; these spirits should always be treated courteously and with respect.  I recommend taking VSPR’s approach and ban all negative provoking. In our experience, spirits have let us know if prior visitors were malicious or disrespectful.

Knowing the location’s history, implementing various trigger items, and utilizing additional tools, such as recorders and cameras, will benefit your work.  It is ever vital to remember that these tips, techniques, and gear are intended to show kindness; investigators should always recall that these spirits and their emotional bond to an item require the highest degree of respect and treatment to engender the best results.

Positive example: Investigating an area known to be haunted by soldiers  you could try these examples– play music from that era, offer period food, speak in the slang of that time, dress in period clothing.

Negative example:  Name calling, cursing, badgering, accusing , prop that might be considered offensive.

Here is an EVP captured on Stephanie Wangler’s digital  recorder when VSPR investigated the Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill,Tennessee  using a Trigger item.  We had heard that several men enjoyed Bourbon/Whisky at the house, so VSPR brought some and poured it into a vintage cup and told the spirits it was for them. Stephanie captured  this Class A EVP of an older man thanking us for the bourbon .
Click here EVP :


Example of some props -used by VSPR